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Meet the Staff

Matt Lehman, Owner, CEO
He started reading DC Comics in 1974 and Marvels in 1976, foraging for them in convenience stores, and was even geeky enough to get a few letters published. In 1981 he went to school in Boston and discovered that there were such things as comic book stores! Graduating in 1985 with a Bachelors in math, he worked for another store for a few years and opened Comicopia with a business partner in 1989. In 1991 they moved the store to its current location and in 1999 Matt bought out his partner. In 2002 he was a judge for Eisner Awards.

He enjoys exercising his body at Back Bay Yoga.
He exercises his mind at Umass Boston, taking math classes for fun. Unfortunately, this doesn't leave him with any time to exercise good judgement.

(Left to right) Maggie, Shannon & Angela

Shannon Outlaw, Manager Emeritus
She practically came out of the womb with an X-men comic in hand. Shannon shopped at Comicopia for 3 years, steadily pestering Matt for a job. Eventually the day had come,
(actually he caved) turning into the best business decision he ever made.

Maggie Curtis, Executive Manga Manager
Her love of comics began after a short stint in rehab.
She awoke from her haze inspired with the sweet scent of Shojo on her taste buds. Refreshed with this epiphany, she set forth to persue this newfound stimulant at Comicopia, with the largest selection of Graphic Novels and Manga in New England, while looking for a real job.

Angela Outlaw, Marketing Executive, Dancing Queen
Raised off of comics and Star Trek, she moved to Boston at the tender age of 15. After studying dance for 3 years, she developed a taste for the arts, and life. She continues her passion for the finer things in life, at Comicopia.


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